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Calling from USA to Panama

Talk Panama

This rechargeable card is a great solution for both medium-length and long international telephone calls.
Nobel Talk Panama Phone Card

Get 15% bonus on all the PINs you purchase in your first order, and another 15% bonus for all PINs purchased on your second order, placed within 45 days of the first one.

Talk Panama-Cell Phone Card

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to Panama
Denominations: $20, $40, $50, $100
Pinless Dialing: Yes
Rechargeable: Yes
Connection Fee: None
Domestic Connection Fee: None
Billing Increments: 2 minutes
Expiration: Expires 1 year after last use
Maintenance Fee: 69.0 ¢ per week
Customer Service Hours: 24 hours
Customer Support Language: English/Spanish
Peak/Off-Peak Call Rates: Same
Can Make Calls From: Continental USA, Canada, Hawaii
Toll-Free Surcharge: 1¢ per minute
Payphone Surcharge*: Up to 99.0 ¢

* The payphone surcharge applies when calling with the Nobel Talk Panama phone card only from the U.S. and Canada.


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